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Lani Rabah - Taswaath / Taswaɛt (mandole cover by James)

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A cover of Lani Rabah - Taswaath, played by James.
Interpreted on the 8 string mandole.

Lani Rabah is an Algerian singer-songwriter and mandole player, born 1973 in Maatka, Kabylia. He’s a superb musician with his own unique style. He often plays with the use of chords on his 10 string mandole, and that’s what gives him his signature sound. Growing up, musical instruments were always around him and he called the mandole his childhood friend. His song called “Taswaath” (The Report) is one of my favourite songs, so I decided to interpret and record this cover version on my 8 string mandole. Along with playing music in Algeria, Lani Rabah has performed in France, Canada and the USA. Here’s my tribute to him.
Musique kabyle
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